First Quarter Goals and Aspirations

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The Gio and Grace Etsy store is literally starting from scratch.

Since opening in 2018, there have been no sales, whatsoever. Granted, I know it's because I put 0 effort into it, and when I did put items up, originally, there were eight.

Now, however, just about everything I make goes up into the shop. Currently, there are 15 active listings. I try to make at least 1 piece a day, to add. It's quite a feat since I handmake every single item, and I'm still fairly new at this.

The Gemsby store is also growing. The majority of things on the Etsy store are on Gemsby. But, the more crafty items are on Etsy. The more sophisticated items are Gemsby.

As such, I have a few goals for my "official first quarter on each of these stores.

Goals for Etsy

Etsy is a battlefield. With so many shops selling similar items, unless someone is searching for my specific items, keywords, and search terms, it's unlikely that I'll get a ton of traffic. So, I have to drive traffic to my shop.

So, I've set up my Instagram, a Pinterest page, and a Facebook Page. I'm debating whether I should make a group for the page. Groups are more difficult, I feel.

As the store is yet to make a first sale, the anticipation is palpable.

The minute a notification arrives about a purchase, I'm doing a happy dance. Which leads me to my goals.

With a virus terrorizing the world, I understand that people aren't making luxury purchases the way they'd be if they weren't worried about finding the bare necessities. But, there are people who are still buying.

My sales goal for this quarter, (April 1 to June 30) is $250.00. That's my first goal. It would amount to about 5 purchases over the next four months. That's doable.

Goals for Gemsby

Since Gemsby is a newer site, I feel like I might have to push buyers to that store. 

Its built-in jewelry shopper audience is great. But, if people looking for the types of items I'm selling don't know I'm there, then it's all for naught.

My goal for Gemsby is that it becomes a powerhouse website that I can rely on. I'd like to be able to, if not have my items on my own website, get to a point where I can reliably expect income from this shop.

Aspirations for Gio and Grace

First, I want to level up my jewelry-making game. So, the first thing I do when make $250 from Etsy and/or Gemsby is to invest in a soldering kit. 

I'd like to make stacking rings, jump rings, and minimalist circle pendants, and so much more. Having the ability to solder some of my own findings and focal pieces will help increase my creative ability and skills.

I'll probably get a patina kit as well. The tarnish look isn't my thing, so I don't do it to my pieces.

However, I know there are people who feel it gives a piece more depth or sophistication as the aged look makes it more antique. So, if a customer requests it, I'm willing to do it.

Once I have the materials on hand, I'll add that note to my silver and copper product listings. And, it'll be for a $2.00, maybe. I'll figure it out when the time comes.

A Positive Outlook

I'm optimistic about the future of Gio and Grace.

It hasn't been a full month since we started actively working on the Etsy shop, and it's only been about a week since we got on Gemsby. And, yes, it does take a while for people to find you online.

Etsy has a hand in surfacing products in search and pushing shops higher on the site. But that requires tons of effort and lots of doing. 

Aside from adding items, using keywords and tags, and posting on social, I'm not sure what else. But, I'm testing things and trying to see what works. Hopefully, things pick up and we start getting some real traction.

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